DestinyPublication Date: July 2017

ISBN: 978-1-928405-55-9  |  Printed by Groep7 Drukkers

Recommended retail price: R300  |  Publisher: Wynand du Toit

From the strong running currents of the Kunene River to the early morning dawn over Cassinga, this book told the story of a South African Special Forces officer’s dedication to his cause.

The rivalry between Captain Tom Machlachlan and Timothy Shikongo, commander of SWAPO’s Special Units, took the reader on a journey through the Angolan Bush war where no mercy was given or taken with the harsh reality of their destinies : kill or be killed.

When a female doctor was abducted by Mamba as part of a grand betrayal, it was Tango Mike who followed the trail. The scene was set for a terrific battle between two top military opponents with no clear outcome.

There was only one parallel : they were both soldiers. Retired Special Forces operator, Major Wynand du Toit, takes the reader on a epic journey through the South African border war where patriotism and dedication were essential and alive on both sides of the sword..

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“For those who had to fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered would never know”